The All American Soap Box Derby has three divisions of cars. The divisions are stock, super stock and masters.


The objective of the STOCK division racer is to provide a simple easy to build car for the younger first time racer. Everything the youngster needs to build a competitive racer is included in the kit. The kit includes a pre-cut floorboard, a plastic body shell, steering, brake, axles and all hardware. With adult supervision a child can assemble the car within one day. The weight limit on the car and driver is 200 pounds and geared to children age 8 and older. The stock car cannot be painted and is limited to vinyl decals.


The SUPER STOCK car is the next step in derby cars. In this division you still get an easy to build kit with everything included, but it is geared to racers that have outgrown the stock car. The maximum combined weight of car and driver is 230 pounds. The car itself is larger and accommodates bigger kids. In the super stock division the child can be more creative by painting the car. The super stock car can still be built in a day or weekend.


Masters division racing represents the highest level of technical challenge in construction. The biggest difference in the Scottie is the driver’s position. Unlike the stock and super stock which use a seated lean forward position, the Scottie is a lay down reclined driving position This division is open to children 10 years of age and older. The weight limit for car and driver is 255 pounds. Cars can be built from scratch following All American rules or from the Scottie kit. Almost all racers choose the kit. The Scottie kit includes floorboard, axles, shell, steering, brakes and hardware. Unlike stock and super stock, which have a one-piece body, the Scottie kit is a multi-piece shell, which requires basic bodywork to complete. The Scottie car is more complex and requires much more time to assemble. Depending on how you construct the car it can take any where from 40 to several hundred hours to build. The master’s cars can also be custom painted. The new concept car introduced this year will make this car easier for the first time builder.